The event will run in hybrid format – physical for participants in Malaysia and international participants as well as foreign delegations can connect virtually via a secured, dedicated platform created especially for CYDES.

CYDES is a B2B, G2G and G2B event classified as a trade event for professionals in the cyber security, network, and IT field related to the Critical National Information Infrastructure. The event is not open to the consumer or general public group. Each visitor must pre-register to attend the event and undergo screening and verification process set by the Government. More information is made available on our website www.cydes.my

This event will be held annually, complementing the Malaysia Cyber Security Strategy 2020-2024 (MCSS) agenda onwards.

The Malaysia Cyber Security Strategy 2020-2024 is a policy created to drive Malaysia’s path in ensuring a trusted, secured and resilient cyberspace. NACSA as the appointed agency by the Malaysian Government, has been given a budget of RM1.8billion for the execution of programmes and action plans which will be reviewed from time to time based on the requirement and urgency.

CYDES is one of the key programme under the MCSS Action Plan, aim to converge experts, solutions and talents in cybersecurity thus creating a unified approach in executing the national policy.

Both local and foreign companies are welcomed to offer their expertise and solutions to NACSA, who is the decision maker in terms of procurement for Malaysia’s cybersecurity needs.

Yes, foreign companies can sell to the Malaysian Government under either of these 2 conditions:

  1. If they have established a registered Malaysian office branch, or
  2. They have appointed a Malaysian company to be an agent or distributor.

As an Exhibitor or Sponsor, your company will be able to meet or host key decision makers from ASEAN and various Malaysian agencies. You will be able to connect with them directly, pitch to them and share your products, services and solutions one-on-one. Exhibitors who are signing MoU or contracts can also be part of the MoU Ceremony at CYDES and have the VIPs as witness, which will be good for your press engagement & public relations. Most importantly, you will be able to connect directly with NACSA, the decision maker and budget holder for Malaysia’s cybersecurity procurement.

Cost of participation, sponsorship or branding varies depending on the exposure you are seeking. For physical participation – exhibitors can acquire a booth space at a minimum size of 12sqm with starting price at RM 24,000. Let’s discuss further to find out the best package suited to your budget.

Priority for branding and sponsorship is given to CYDES exhibitors. We highly encourage for companies to take part in the exhibition as your branding without presence as an exhibitor will miss out on the opportunity to present yourself to the VIPs via the VIP Programme. Please connect with our team to find out the available opportunities or curate a special package fitting to your requirements.

As a Visitor, not only you will be able to see the most current technology from Exhibitors, you will also be able to engage with cybersecurity experts through the various conferences, workshops, training programmes, cyber exercises and other cyber security related activities. There is no cost to attend as Visitor, however some conferences will impose attendance fee and some events will be by invitation only.

There will be at least 4 Main Ceremonies to be graced by the country’s leaders including the Opening Ceremony, Networking Event, Award Ceremony, MoU Signing Ceremony and Closing Ceremony. And multiple conferences running throughout the 3 days as well as Trainings, Workshops, Masterclasses, Cyber Games, Cyber Range Demostrations, Bilateral Meetings, and B2B, G2B, G2G Engagements. There will definitely a buzz on the floors.

The National Cyber Security Agency, Malaysia (NACSA) is the agency mandated to be the national lead agency for cyber security matters, with the objectives of securing and strengthening Malaysia’s resilience in facing the threats of cyber attacks, by co-ordinating and consolidating the nation’s best experts and resources in the field of cyber security.

NACSA is an agency under the purview of National Security Council, directly reporting to the Prime Minister’s Office. However, the minister tasked to be in charge of the national Cyber Security is the Senior Minister of Defence, YB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri bin Yaakub.

The National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA) is a dedicated agency that oversees all national cyber security functions formed under the aegis of the National Security Council of Malaysia. NACSA is the lead agency that integrates the existing cyber security capabilities through a strategic and coordinated manner. NACSA gathers all identified national cyber security experts under one roof and coordinates and collaborates with its domestic and international counterparts, from both the public and private sectors.

The mandates given to NACSA are to formulate, monitor, coordinate and synchronise implementation of cyber security policy, framework and strategy to safeguard the government, the Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII), businesses and the public at large, talent development, as well as coordination of issues on legislation and enforcement in collaboration with all the relevant entities.

NACSA welcomes professionals and experts in cyber security from various fields to be part of CYDES and in future, to form the National Elite Cyber Force. Please email us your interest and brief background to cydes@aisgroup.biz



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